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What are great tools without some wordlists? Not much really. That's why there's a small compilation of cool wordlists for you to test whatever you like.

  • Wordlists
    • Bessel: Rockyou list (132M / 13830978 words)
    • Abacus: Portuguese words (13M / 1012066 words)
    • Centauri: Mixed (9M / 910600 words)
    • Anglican: English alphanum (5M / 466544 words)
    • Magnus: English alpha (4M / 370099 words)
    • Antares: Spanish words (2M / 183077 words)
    • Deneb: Common sub-dom (18K / 2898 words)
    • Sirius: Misc sub-dom (9K / 1594 words)
    • Canopus: Common adm sub-dom (133b / 20 words)
Dictionary Wordlists


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